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Thailand Travel : Hilltribe Trekking in Thailand


In northern Thailand, there are ten different tribes of hill people. The Karen are by far the most numerous and they're easy-going and friendly Many of the Hmong people live in Chiang Mai near the mountain peaks. The most remote of the hilltribe people are the Akha, who still practise shifting cultivation. Trekking is one way to learn about their lifestyles and traditions.

CHAING MAI: Hilltribe treks are a popular variety of trekking in and around Chiang Mai. These consist of stretches trekked on foot, on elephant back, and by mountain bike, bamboo raft and rubber kayak. Popular programmes include stops and overnight stays at ethnic villages: Karen, Lahu, and Shan.

CHIANG RAI: Hilltribe treks at Chiang Rai also combine hiking, elephant back rides and rafting, and include stops or overnight stays at hilltribe villages.

MAE HONG SON: One of the best hiking trails in Mae Hong Son is Doi Mae Ukor, in Khun Yuam District. This centres around the Mae Surin Waterfall. The trails here wind through Waterfalls and a vast field of wild sunflowers that bloom in November.



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